This collection of photos is a sample of some of the paintings I've done. Some of these artworks were exhibited and have been purchased by private collectors and some are in my own collection and may be available for sale (make me an offer). A few were painted as part of an interior design project that was commissioned by a client.

You will see that some of them exploit the layering of color glazes combined with gold leaf. It is one of my favourite techniques as it gives such a rich complex effect. It creates a depth you can gaze into.

You will also note some examples of airbrush painting. The airbrush can be an unforgiving tool, especially on glass but it is great for getting smooth blends and achieving a more realistic effect than is possible with other methods.

When painting in reverse on glass, the painting begins with the highlights and details. The work progresses towards the background as the last stage. It can be difficult to make judgements about the strength and opacity of the first layers, because there is nothing to judge it against. Furthermore, as decisions are made and the work develops, you can't go back and adjust earlier layers.

Painting in reverse on glass is a unique challenge but one that is very satisfying, especially if the result comes out different but better than intended. Like many artists, we are very happy to stumble across a "happy accident".

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