Common commercial mirror is made with a chemical process, but we make them in verre églomisé by applying either 12 carat white gold leaf or silver leaf. Using metal leaf instead of a chemical process gives our mirrors more character than standard mirror. The individual sheets of metal leaf can be seen, resulting in a pleasing grid pattern.

This can be further enhanced by abrasion to make the squares of metal leaf a more dominant feature. Mirrors made with these characteristics are interesting in appearance and suit a variety of uses.

Other techniques can be included to add decorative features, borders or to make them to appear aged.

Tinted mirrors are another option. We can use any of our usual range of metal leaf for their different colors, but we can also use tinted glass. The mirror shown on this page for Misuzu's was done on bronze-tint glass.

Mirror finishes can be also be done on large glass panels forming an interesting mirrored glass wall or screen.

The last three photos are tabletops that were designed by my client who specializes in high-end mirrored furniture. It's interesting to see the difference in appearance between silver leaf and white gold leaf clearly visible in the last two photos.


P2258451.jpg P2258466.jpg P2258477.jpg PA147954.jpg PA207971.jpg PA127950.jpg PA080502.jpg PA300538.jpg
PA080500.jpg PC190616.jpg
chinese_mirror96847.jpg PC096849.jpg P9156217 P9156221 PB096688 P6260645.jpg PC102344 P5142968.jpg

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