examples of some finishes

Some of these examples were made as samples for clients. Many of them were experiments or developmental pieces while some of them are details from paintings or other projects.

As such, I don't regard all of these examples as definitive. I may choose to approach a finish slightly differently to the ones shown here.

They are presented mainly to give an indication of the variety of possible finishes and perhaps to give you starting point for your own imagination.

Many of these samples will display at close to actual size in the large image (when clicked).

The rectanglular panels are typically about 200mm wide.

One more disclaimer: please be aware that lighting and surroundings make a big difference to the appearance of verre églomisé. Some of these images are affected by reflections that alter the color.

P8274359 P8274360
matt23 satin23 ink23 scratch23 scratch18 smoke23 smoke12 whitegold060.jpg moongold061.jpg basket12 palladium fauxgranitewhitemetal4345 palladium_granite058.jpg whitemetal mattal scratchal P9183708 ink18 whitesquare mirror3186 PC147055.jpg P5108896 P5108905 tortoise7063.jpg P5108893 P5178944 P6150359 P7105322 PC147057.jpg PC147053.jpg PC147052.jpg P4248792 copper apple blue fire4370 fire4371 greenchip mandelbrot4350 opal bronzepowder4367 P8274366 bronze PB096694.jpg PC120593.jpg


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